Water Tanks

Steel Water Tanks that meet RFS (Rural Fire Service) bushfire regulation requirements. Manufactured to order, using quality Colorbond® Sheet. When you need strong, long lasting, fire safe water storage NCS is the solution.

We manufacture & deliver a vast range of Corrugated Steel Water Tanks in Round & Slimline Profiles produced using Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel.

Built from Australian steel.

Our water tanks meet all RFS Bushfire ratings and are designed for the toughest environments. 

Traditional Round Water Tanks maintain that classic look & shape, for cost-effective water storage.

Designed for the toughest environments.

Lined with Food-Grade Polymer film, it ensures your water isn’t in direct contact with the steel, but stored safely, and readily available for consumption.

Slimline water tanks are a great alternative for narrow spaces.

Your water is stored safely, and readily available for consumption.

Designed Specifically for Fire Prone, Rural Areas, NCS Steel Tanks meet BASIX & NSW RFS.

If you need cool, clean water storage, we have the tank for you!


Fire-Prone Areas

North Country Steel Manufacture High-Quality Steel Water Tanks, specifically designed for Fire-Prone, Rural Areas.Steel tanks are highly Fire Resistant, and meet BASIX & NSW RFS Requirements.RFS Fittings also available!

Find out your NSW RFS Fire-Fighting Water Reserve Requirement: Click Here


North Country Steel Water Tanks come with:

  • Inlet: Leaf Strainer (300mm-500mm depending on the tank diameter)
  • 90mm or 100mm Overflow Fitting
  • 25mm-50mm Threaded Tank Outlet

NSW RFS 2” Fittings available if required.Locations of the fittings need to be specified for each tank.

NCS Tank Warranty:

North Country Steel offers:

  • 5-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • 20-Year Product Warranty on Bluescope AQUAPLATE Steel

Warranty PDF

Delivery & Installation:

NCS Driver will deliver as practically close & safely as possible to site. NOTE: Customers are required to have their own manpower to assist with tank positioning. We ask that the tank preparation has been complete PRIOR to delivery. NCS offer a tank base/pad specification information sheet if further information is required.

Tank Base Options:

NCS Tank Pad Options:

  • Framed Galvanised stand 200-400mm high
  • Corrugated Raised Tank Ring 200mm high
  • Pre-Cast & Poured Concrete Slabs

NOTE: All Tank Pad/Base surfaces need to be Compact, Flat, & Level to ensure safe placement of tank, and to maintain Tank Warranty & Longevity.All Tank Pad/ Bases must be large enough to support the tank entirely, and should extend at-least 100mm outside of all tank edges.

Information leaflet is available to assist with Tank Base Preparation: Tank Pad Preparation-PDF

Corrugated Water Tanks

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